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3x CH Ridge Creek Cody “Cody” Male, 2008

2014: Midwest Open Shooting Dog Championship
2012: National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship
2011: Idaho Open Shooting Dog Championship

Buddy Stars Runner “Bud” Male, 2009

CH Thunderhills Zeke Von Straus “Zeke” Male, 2006

NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize 1, 112
NAVHDA Utility Prize II, 200

Charolette Female, 2013

Cold Creek Peridot

Cold Creek Peridot “Dot” Female, 2013

FC AFC RPK’s Front Page Edition “Paige” Female, 2003

FC Loafer’s Glory “Theo” Male, 2004

FC Moe Cadens Cyd Ruger Molly Female, 2004

FC Ridge Creek Jake “Jake” Male, 2005

FC Sandy River Covey “Covey” Male, 2007

#3 Field Trial ES of 2015
R/U, 2015 ESAA Grand National Championship

FC Springset Wind Warrior “Deuce” Male, 2000

2006 Field Trial Dog of the Year, North Country Gordon Setter Club

FC Tenacious Tucker Male, 2001

FC Vision’s Spring Storm “Storm” Male, 1998

FC/AFC Coldcreek Jake “Jake” Male, 2004

FC/AFC Powder River’s Tri Ur Luck “Lotto” Male, 2009

Foxrun’s C J “CJ” Male, 2015

Foxrun’s Dassel “Dassel” Female, 2016

Foxrun’s Fiona Female, 2014

Foxrun's One Shot

Foxrun’s One Shot “Shooter” Male, 2015

Foxrun's Paris

Foxrun’s Paris Female, 2016

Foxrun’s Spectacular “Spec” Male, 2011

Foxrun’s Woods Master “Woody” Male, 2015

Foxrun’s Yellow Pages “Dex” Male, 2011

Hk’s Sea Cat “Cape” Male, 2014

Little Miss Sunshine “Chloe” Female, 2015

NAFC FC Ridge Creek Pied Piper “Piper” Female, 2013

1st Place Grand National Amateur Championship, 2015 ESSA National Field Trial


One Hundred X Frankie “Frankie” Female, 2016

liver roan brittanys

Remchester’s Whistling Bird “Gilbert” Male, 2014

Summertime Buddy’s Bandit “Bandit” Male, 2012

Tickle Male, 2012

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