Field Trials

Pointing Dog Field Trials

Pursue your bird dog interest year-round via pointing dog field trials.

Competitive pointing dog field trials provide a way for you to enjoy time with your dog outside of hunting season. We compete in trials in the Midwest region from March-June and from August-September. Contact us for more information or to have your dog evaluated for field trial potential.

Recent Pointing Dog Field Trial Placements

| Twin Cities German Wirehaired Pointer Club – Sept 16, 2016 – Solon Springs, WI |

Dog’s Name:Placement:
Little Miss Sunshine1st, Open Derby (8 Starters)
Foxrun’s Oneshot3rd, Open Derby (8 Starters)
Foxrun’s Spectacular2nd, Open Gun Dog (21 Starters)

| North Dakota Pointing Dog Club – Aug 19, 2016 – Towner, ND |

Dog’s Name:Placement:
HK’s Sea Cat1st, Open Gun Dog (25 Starters)
Foxrun’s Spectacular4th, Open Gun Dog (25 Starters)
Little Miss Sunshine3rd, Open Derby (20 Starters)

| German Shorthaired Pointer Club of MN – May 7, 2016 – Milaca, MN |

Dog’s Name:Placement:
Foxrun’s Double Deuce4th, Open Puppy (7 Starters)
Little Miss Sunshine1st, Open Derby (12 Starters)
Remchester’s Whistling Bird2nd, Open Derby (12 Starters)

| Northwest Field Trial Association – Apr 29, 2016 – Rogers, MN |

Dog’s Name:Placement:
Foxrun’s Yellow Pages3rd, Open Shooting Dog (22 Starters)
Foxrun’s Oneshot3rd, Open Derby (16 Starters)
Little Miss Sunshine1st, Restricted Derby (10 Starters)

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